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Understanding More About Dental Implants And Tooth Extraction 

Did you recently have to have teeth removed and you’re missing that beautiful smile that used to display a healthy set of pearly whites? When we smile, the release of hormones makes the body relax, which is very good for health. And, smiling only uses 17 of our cranial muscles while 43 of them are working when you frown.

tooth extraction near me orland park

Having a tooth or a few teeth removed is definitely an ordeal, but there’s no need to go through life being insecure about smiling. Your tooth extraction near me orland park dentist can talk you through different options to fill the gaps in your mouth.

Dentures are definitely an option your dentist may suggest, but the best solution might be getting implants.

Some of the disadvantages of dentures are listed below.

·    They are a temporary solution, which means that they are removable.

·    They can float on your gums, leading to problems in talking, eating, interacting with others, and being less secure and more predictable than normal teeth.

·    They can become a problem when communicating as they cover most of the mouth roof, leading to unclear pronunciation.

·    It would not stop the premature aging of the bones, which can be prevented through implants.

·    They cannot make the lower jaw as much stable as the implants, as they are much bigger than the upper jaw, wearing partial dentures, which makes them uncomfortable. 

Dentures can be a solution for the missing tooth in your smile, but dental implants can help you gain the same smile again by fixing your teeth from the roots. They make your teeth look more natural. You would feel more comfortable to talk, eat, or interact with others.

Dental implants can be a solution for your missing teeth in the long run and help to gain your lost confidence.